Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Seinfeld line

Exciting post coming on Monday from newspaper legend Dave Kindred. But first, this from Jerry Seinfeld’s appearance on The Tonight Show in 1990:

“To me the most amazing part of the news is that whatever goes on in the world -- it exactly fits the number of pages that they’re using in the newspaper that day. I mean I don’t know ... they must stand around after each edition going, ‘I don’t believe we just made it again. ... If one more thing happens, we’re screwed. ... There’s no more room in this paper.’”

So true. So funny. And so sad ... a lot less is happening in the world these days.

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  1. So sad is right, Joe. But, as is usual with most comedy, it reveals an issue - editors leaving out items which may be newsworthy to some. There's no 'filter' in the blogosphere, which may be why people think it's more objective and non-political.